Dialogues of Color , Singapore, 12 April 2023

A solo art show featuring " Dialogues of Color" was met with a very promising response by invited art lovers, design enthusiasts and creatives. We shared our creative journey of 108 Design through sketchbooks and by walking through how the art started from figurative and bold ethnic prints to the newly developed abstractive ideas keeping the cultural aesthetic intact.



Narratives Exhibition BY ARTLY MIX  @artlymix  4-18 March 2023

108 Design artwork got curated for art exhibition with 32 other artists from 19 countries via OPEN CALL. The exhibition showcases and explores the stories and narratives behind each selected artwork. The artwork selected for this was "Life is Light" - 36 x 36" acrylic on canvas painting.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil    4-18 March 2023


George Washington Ball, Singapore, Feb 4 2023

108 Design artwork was selected for SILENT AUCTION EVENT

Hollywood Glamour theme @ W Singapore - Sentosa Cove organized by the Singapore American Club 


Simple Duality, Singapore, May 2022

108 Design was invited to participate in ‘Simple Duality’, a dialogue between modern origami art and traditional painted backdrop. Featured here is a paper sculpture by Kaelie.Kwah and a painted canvas panel by 108 Design. The result transitions into something three dimensional striking a visual balance between each element and how they interact with each other.