We make art for global nomadic spaces that are Culturally rich yet minimalistic.

As an artist my focus is on continuous growth and projection of my ideas in a colorful intuitive way. The different aspects are layering with western concept of freedom of strokes with a element of indian aesthetics, textural play that translates into thoughts & feelings on surface of canvas.

Featured in AATNOU & NAINEN THE WOMEN magazine

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Kavita Chachcha is a former architect and a visual artist based in Singapore of Indian origin. Her works weave cultural narratives from her native country, India, with contemporary minimalist design sensibilities, catered to global nomads everywhere. Her style can be best described as

Abstract art with an Indian soul.

Kavita has grown up in India and her work touches upon the memories and messages derived from her roots of cultural origin. The artwork depicts these messages through deeper conversations released through fluidity of her painted brushstrokes.


Flipping Creatives Art Collective, Holland Club Singapore March 2022

Fluxus Art Gallery, Singapore May 2022

Fundraiser event @ George Washington Ball, Singapore Feb 2023

Narratives Exhibition @artlymix, San Paulo Brazil March 2023

Solo Art Show, Singapore April 2023

The Gallery@the well, Singapore Oct 2023

German Centre, Singapore Nov 2023

Ion Art Gallery, Singapore Dec 2023

Visual Arts Centre, Singapore Jan 2024

The Arts House, Singapore Feb 2024