How do I buy Fine Art Prints by 108 Design?

Choose a design displayed here and add to cart. It's that simple :)

How do I buy Paintings by 108 Design?

There are two ways. One, choose a painting of your choice from the painting collections featured here. Two, you can commission Kavita for a custom painting. 

Where do you deliver to?

We are currently shipping to US, India and Singapore.

What are the delivery charges for Art Prints and Paintings?

Delivery to Singapore: 15 SGD for up to 18" x 24" Art Prints & Paintings.

Delivery to India: 600 Rs for up to 18" x 24" Art Prints.

Delivery to USA : 25 SGD for up to 18" x 24" Art Prints.

Paintings to India & USA are shipped on actual cost of shipping originating from Singapore.

How long will the printing & delivery take?

Delivery within Singapore: 2-3 weeks for Art Prints. 

Delivery to India : 3-4 weeks for Art Prints.

Delivery to USA: 3-4 weeks for Art Prints

How long does the painting bought online take to reach its destination?

US: minimum 4 weeks

India: 2-3 weeks

Singapore: 1 week 

Do you ship custom paintings and large commission pieces to US?

Yes, we do! Shipping and delivery as per the size of the artwork.

Do the artworks come framed?

Most of our artworks unframed. We recommend using the local framing shop for your framing needs. 

How can I reach you?

For help with your order, press and interview requests, contact us at 108designn@gmail.com. We will do our best get back to you within 48 hours or less.

Can I change/cancel my order?

Unfortunately, no. Once the sale is made for Prints or Paintings, we cannot cancel the order. Make sure to double check the specifications before placing the order. 

How to place a bulk order?

To place a bulk order for corporate gifting, commercial space design or events, write to us at 108designn@gmail.com. We offer a special discount for big orders!

I want to interview the artist/108 Design in our publication. How to do about this?

Yay, good to know. Write to us at 108designn@gmail.com. We can schedule a time to speak with you.

Are you open to being represented by a gallery/ participating in an upcoming art related events?

Of course! We would love to discuss. Email us at 108designn@gmail.com.