Meet the Artist


“As a former architect, I have always been passionate about art, photography and design. A lot of my design ideas did not get implemented due to budget constraints among other reasons. During the pandemic, I had a lot of my time to revisit my ideas. It started with a box of old photographs I had taken on my various trips to India, the country I was born in. I turned them into digital prints and voila, my first print collection was born.

I’m interested in weaving cultural narratives from my native country with global design sensibilities, drawing inspiration from Tagore’s poems, Frida Kahlo’s creative expressions, the cinematic frames of  Zhang Yimou and Neri & Hu’s architectural designs.

With 108 ART, my goal is to reach out to global nomads like me, who like subtle hints of culture and the believe in the less-is-more design philosophy to turn their house into homes.

I currently live in Singapore, where I do design consultations and take up art commissions. Write to me for future collaborations. ”